Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The number of animal species is decreasing throughout the world

There are many reasons why the number of animal species is decreasing throughout the world. I have two or three reasons can explain, and the first is gloabl warming. The weather changes will affect the living environment for many animals including our human beings. The second is the global business. Mnay cross-country companies need a lot of nature resources or cheap human labors. They will always find a place for them to dig the nature resources or to build mega manufacturing factories. All of this business action always need to occupy the orinigal land from the nature. Therefore, some animal species will have no place to live. And I think it's important for mankind to preserve species, they are the parts of the world just like us. We don't have the right to distinguish them from our some behaviors. The nations can make some laws to protect the land or nature park from

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